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well in this article i will tell you about the green apple store a project by gold transmit company where you can shop and get your money 100%  back on a simple formula, lets keep thing simple for understanding
keep this situation in your mind

” if you do a shopping of Rs 5000 from green apple super store you  will be Rewarded as 5000 PV Point Value unit, And 1 Pv is Equal To 1PKR. So You will be rewarded 50000 PV point on Rs 50000 shopping from green apple super store”

Here following Question Arises
Q#01,   How Can I take My money back While I did Shopping of 5000 rs From GT Super Store?

So There Is A simple Formula in gold transmit Company, if you did Shoping of 1000 rs you will get 1000 Pv, if you did shoping of 100000 you will get 1000000 Pv, You Will get back Your Money on the basis of Given PV in your account, for exapmle you did montly shoping of 50000 Rs And You get 50000Pv So you you will get return all these money on daily basis on the base of simple formula

Your total PV you obtained * 0.05%
50000 * 0.05% = 25Rs/ Day
So monthly 750 Rs Will be credited In Your Account

So you will get back 25 rs per day And 750 Rs Monthly  back to into your account of your shopping
So If you are doing every month shopping from gold transmit superstore the just imagine how these little rupees make change in your Life.

next question in your mind i think is that

Q#02 How Can  I get  these Money Into my account on my Shopping  ? 

For Eligibity of Shoping First You must make Your Account On GT Website
So Here Is the Link

First You Must Make Your Id On gold transmit shopping Mall Go to google Gold transmit Sign up, join gold transmit, gold transmit refreal mobile number, gold transmit best dtore, gold transmitSign Up forum Gold Transmit
Step 1  Write  “Gold Transmit Sign up”
Step 2  Open the Top Link which is written in Chinese Language
Step 3  click on Sign Up 
Step 4 Write Your Username Simple your complete name with Dash like ( mohammadsalman)
Step 5 write your Mobile Number Note; your Mobile No Must be on Your Name ( e.g 0333555555)
Step 6  click on verification code, A verification code will be sent to you on your mobile , write that code in box
Step 7 Write your password
Step 8 confirm your password
step 7 write referral mobile number 03328998533
step 8 write agentship number which is 03175580027

AS you can See In the Picture

 congratulations You account is opened Now in Gold transmit Green Apple Super Store

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After Sign up You are now registered as a ordinary member in gold transmit company karachi. Now you can Do Shoping from Gt green apple store

Q# 03, Here A Small Question from my readers that where are these green apple store located ?

Ans Till The Day of writing this article on how to join in gold transmit company there are two super store currently working and functional one store is located in karachi & Another Store is located in Faisalabad
Below you can See A local Tv New video Of GT Store Opening in Faisalabad, While the company officals confirmed that they will make its Super store in every City of Pakistan As A future Project

Here Below in this another video you can See The Complete Visit Of Gt Super Store

Q#05, What Are The Prices of Product In Green Apple Super Store ?
The prices Of products Are The Same as in the Market

Q#06, How I withdrwal Money From My account which I earned In Gold transmit on the Basis Of My PV?

So Here below in the video you will be completely Understand How you can withdrawal money  from your account
here my points are the pv which are converting into the gold point per day from here we convert gold point into cash point as you can see below in a picture , after this you can withdrawal your amount into your desired bank, only 13 % Gst Fbr Tex

green apple super store gold transmit gold transmit company super store green apple storegold transmit joining, green apple superstore, free account in superstore, earning without any investment
Click On withdrawl option And Withdrawl your Amount In your Desired Bank Account, As you Can see below in a forum

green apple super store gold transmit gold transmit company super store green apple storefree online earning, free online networking, free shoping gold transmit account number

Hello Guys Are you there with me what you would be say about this 100% free shopping opportunity yes this is Pakistan,

This is all what you can do free, and you can earn from gold transmit company without investing any thing, just doing your shopping and taking your cash back with its 100% rebate policy which you read above in complete article.

If You are thinking if you ask your friend to do shopping from GT super Store will you able to get any thing, or any profit, yes you can earn many money by referring  your friend to GT super Store , you can get 5% profit of Your friend shopping also, yes Its Possible i will tell you about in my next article.

The tittle of next Article would Be;  ” Earn Money By On your Friend Shopping 5% total of their shopping”

Any Question in your mind please write it in comment box

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