Happy 2nd Anniversary to Dear MItz ” Mansehra Information technology Zone”

This article is all about the summery of mitz second year of work, about its apps products, about games products, software projects & website products.

Much Obliged & Thankful To Dear Almighty Allah upon his grace. Today i am happy to share my feelings on the great occasion of  MITZ “Mansehra Information Technology Zone”  second Anniversary. while on 1st oct 2018 mitz was established, Last Year 2017 we were not  celebrate our 1st anniversary due to extreme  burden of work & lack of financial Budget, because we were in the phase of struggle & hard work, as i called my 1st year in mitz with full of hardship and learning as i wrote in my article which i published on the occasion of mitz last anniversary. where i divided mitz first year in three periods,

if you have not read my previous article on mitz 1st anniversary Read It Here;

1st Anniversary of MITZ Mansehra Interactive Technology Zone


Yes Today we are celebrating  our 2nd Anniversary , with great Honor & Dignity. celebrating Hardwork on the road of success with our valuable clients, Previous Developers, Designers Even every person who directly or indirectly associated with mitz company.

Well Last period Of ” The Period Of hard work. ( Aug-2017- To date ) “ was Continued, Till February 2018, where Mitz able to make the road map for some great Game Ideas & Innovative Smart Apps which may become the More great and Useful apps in future with more attention some more apps includes ” Business card Maker”  which was among the top 400 Apps in the category of Arts & Design Category in the very short period of time.  initial & multiple revised Designs of Great Logo Maker App with name “ Best Logo Maker” was also developed, Followed by Mitz one of the best Future Product Real Time Mind Determining  Mind Game with name ” Mind Manager“. Beside this Mitz developed some other great Education Apps with multiple online courses, dictionaries and real time Quizzes with Real time result covering All education fields “ languages. chemistry Online, Physics, Biology World, Mathematics app & Computer & coding Learning app” . but “The period of smart work ( Feb-2018- To Date) 

Summery Of Mitz “The Period of Smart Work”

Mr, Mitz ” Mansehra Information Technology Zone” in his second year act like a baby who was playing, with both cares & Risk, Hence I may called it ” The Smart Baby” if some one give the Tittle of Mitz second Anniversary ” From Baby To Smart Baby”, trust me i will never minf. Well in second year mitz act like a smart baby for a reasons.

1)  Mitz Legal Affiliations With Organizations e.g PSEB ” Pakistan Software Export Board” and  registration in  Public Registrar Office Peshawar “Form H”.

2) MITZ Official  Partners.  Legal Agreement with Name ” Memorandum Article of Association “Was Signed under the partnership Act 1952 government of Pakistan.  And Mitz Shares Was Offered where 33.34% Shares Was owned By Founder of this institute Mr Muhammad Huzaifa, while remaining 33.33% & 33.33% Shares Was taken By Eng Muzafar Shehzad & Mr Iftikhar Mughal. both these young energies Join MITZ as on Command positions, well mitz is  glad to see himself in the hands of more stable & Smart peoples.

3)  KPIT Board Affiliation. Mitz Successfully Completed All His requirement for Collaboration with Khyper pakhtoon Khwa Technical Board Of  Information Technology, Thus waiting for final approval from concern authorities, To Start Full Functional Operations In IT PARK Abbottabad under the supervision of khyber pakhtoon khuwa IT Board.

4) MITZ Inventory Software Commercialized Product. 1st Successful Software With name ” Inventory Management System ” Is running functional With Clients “Shafeeq traders” With More the 1000 Plus Products and many clients promise to Buy our newly introduce inventory management system  point of sale Software.

5)  MITZ Entry IN IOS apple Market.  After Successful Android Products Mitz Successfully launched His Product On IOS Platform, With great Art & design Apps, Which Got performance certificate from Apple As apple platform is not easy for every company, hence mitz become 1st company in Mansehra with great functional apple apps, with excellent in -app features.

6)   MITZ successful running IN-App Products. Another Milestone Achievement Accomplish by Mitz by selling Digital products on the platform of  google & IOS in App Purchases And Purchases Product  worth more then  of 500$, well i know the revenue is small but yes we know many things, atleaset we have done it and will do more hard work in future.

7)   SOftonyx Project Launched. Great Project of  “Softonyx” with domain address www.softonyx.com with the idea of creating  software repository where almost every software latest version will be available for website visitor only by 1 step download, where as new Team of content Writers was hired while heavy server with a huge size of latest software is managing, we hope we complete this project & successfully launched till Nov -2018.

8) Some Losses To MITZ , while where is good work there is some story behind it, well our story which become our experience later our most favorite product upon which mitz invested till 1.8 Years, at last www.skysportsball.com was put down upon unknown reasons of copyright claim by some of online Tv Channel, which give us huge loss on social media skysportsball facebook football fan following page which was a huge loss for mitz specially for the co founder Mr Khawer Saleem , you can see our last year article about the success of skysportsball.

SkySportsBall Ranked pakistan # 01 Football Brand. MITZ Products

Beside this PSL Alerts Was Also put down Due to copyrights claims of TV chanels, which make mitz tough time please have a look to mitz that products & efforts.

PSl Alerts, Pakistan super League Alerts A Product By MITZ


9) Mitz Stop Taking projects of final year Students & Stop Hiring Local inexperienced developers, who costing with the worth of less then their works, mitz now looking for experienced developers and 3D designers From All over the Pakistan with attractive Salary packages.

10) Annual business worth of Mitz Jumped From 1.5 Million to 8 Million, the reason for increasing the worth was new share holders of mitz with some collaboration of Gold transmit Network technology Private Limited A project with Chinese.

Well these are 10 points where i will conclude mitz 2nd Year Work. below explanation of each & Every Points mentioned above would be explained.


MITZ  Gallery   Sep 2017-July 2018

Random Video in office environment


Here we start New Year with a unique style please have a look

Description; Murree Tour; Album of Mitz Apps & Game Studio , Team of developers & designersmitz anniversary murree tour, mitz, mansehra information technology zone fun, mitz murree tour

File Photo; 8-nov-2017 Venue; Mitz Apps & game Studio , Almakkah tower Mansehra Discription , Muhammad Huzaifa (Right Corner) Founder of Mitz, Sheraz Ahmad Khan Android Developer( 2nd from Right), Sami Khan Mitz Designer (In middle ), While Khizar Hayat Tanoli Unity Game Developer on Most Left Side With Mr Noman Shakoor Android Developer (2nd from left) Date; 12-june-2018 Location; China Health Services, Mansehra Description; Project Demo Presentation “ Hospital management System Date; 14 July 2018 Venue; Mitz Office Almakkah tower mansehra Description; Muzafar Shehzad; IT Graduate ( Right Side), Iftikhar Mughal IT Master ( Left Side), join Mitz “Mansehra Information technology Zone As New Share Holders on the ratio of 33.33% Each Simultaneously. Some Joyful moments , Out side mitz apps & game Studio Mitz startup Advisor , Eng Mirza Asad farooq Android Developer Random Click At Mitz Office WithMirza Asad farooq, Mitz Startup Advisor Random Click At Mitz Office mansehra Almakkah Tower File Photo; farewell to Employees, Selected with Mitz Advertisement in Aprail 2017Date; 30-Jan-2018 Location; Mitz Apps & Game Studio Description; 1st from left Khizar Hayyat Tanoli ( Unity Developer), 2nd from Left Noman Shakoor ( Motion graphics), centre Mr Huzaifa Khan ( Founder & CEO of Mitz) 2nd from right Mr Sami khan ( UI/UX Designer, and 1st from right side , Mr sheraz Ahmad ( Android developer) Date; 3rd January 2018 File Photo; Mr Malik Wajid Mitz Co-Founder Engagement walima Ceremony Description; 1st from Left Side; Mr Muhammad Huzaifa ( Founder & CEO mitz), (Centre) Eng, Ehtisham Raza Bukhari (Founder of security Department Mitz). Mr malik Wajid ( Co- Founder of Mitz & Renowned IT specialist in Mansehra). Date; 19-May-2018Description; Mitz New Design Marketing Design Banner Date; 12-jun-2018 Venue; China Health services Mansehra Description; Left ( Dr Faqeer Nawaz, Renowned Homeo Physican In mansehra, owner of china Health services mansehra ( www.chinahealthservoices.com.pk) , Right Side Mr Muhammad Huzaifa ( Founder & Ceo of Mitz)


MITZ  Apps Products  Sep 2017-July 2018

A) Business Card Maker mitz business card maker app andriod and IOS, best business card maker app

Google Play Link;   https://play.google.com/store/apps/detailsid=mitz.pk.businesscardmakerappcardmakingapp
 IOS I Tunes LInk;    https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1358851869

Below See below three videos in a row  The Complete tutorial & Promo About MITZ Business Card Maker

Read More About this Product Here

Make Free Business cards, Students cards, & employee Cards With best card maker App

B) Best Logo Maker proudly powered by mitz; 

Logo Maker Andriod & IOS app of mitz , Mansehra information technology Zone"

Google play link; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mitz.logomaker
IOS Link; https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1375716240

Please See Belo the Product promo; tutorials


MITZ ” Mansehra Information technology Zone” GLIMPSES 2017-2018

Create Your Logo In two Minutes With Best Android Logo Maker App


B) Snake Ladder Game proudly powered by mitz;

snake ladder app game developed by mitz mansehra it zoneGoogle play store link;


IOS Link;  https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1362113464

D Mind Manager Game “powered by mitz;

Mind manager game developed by MITZ Apps & Game Studio Short Description; Mitz Most Creative Product still under the progress almost 50% orignal midea was published hence we are working on it make it more charming & intreasting for you

Google Play Link; 

IOS Link;  under development comming soon

Video Demo; 


complete detail blog

Play Mind Manager Game To Improve Your Intelligence And Mind Level board games


E) Complete Chemistry guide App

Google Play Link;mitz chemistry app, developed by best software house in mansehra mitz


IOS LINK;  comming Soon Under development

Video Demo; 

More details;
for more details please read following Blog

Mitz Free Best educational science Chemistry quiz dictionary apps


F) Complete Physics guide App

mitz physics app developed by mitz mansehraGoogle play link; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mitz.pk.physicsappsbestphysicsappsphysicsresearchphysicsdictionaryphysicsformula

IOS link; comming Soon

product demo video; 


Read Full detail in the blog; 

Physics Scholar Android App On Google Play; A Product By Mitz


G) Complete Biology guide App

biology app on google play developed by mitz mansehra Software HouseGoogle play link; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mitz.pk.biology
IOS link; comming Soon

product demo video; 



H) Complete Mathematics  guide App

Best Maths App Developed by mitz mansehra information technology ZoneGoogle play link;https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mitz.pk.mathsappfractionappscienceappmathappsfreephotomathappbestfreemathappsbestmathappsandroid
IOS link; comming Soon

product demo video;



I) Complete Languages Learning App

Learn languages App Developed by Mitz mansehra information technology ZoneGoogle play link;https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mitz.pk.languages
IOS link; comming Soon

product demo video; 


MITZ  Software Products  Sep 2017-July 2018

A) Inventory management System

Inventory management System is creative desktop  & web based smart software with many features,

any customer can customize it according to his idea

Status; Ready for Sale
No of Clients Using; 02
both Desktop and web based
Screen Shots; 

POS Mitz, POS for sale, whole sale management sysytem software best software designed by mitz, mitz software for shops, whole salemitz successful running software with shafeeq traders , POS Mitz, POS for sale, whole sale management sysytem software best software designed by mitz, mitz software for shops, whole sale

POS Mitz, POS for sale, whole sale management sysytem software best software designed by mitz, mitz software for shops, whole sale



B) Bakery management system

Status; Ready for Sale
No of Clients Using; 0
both Desktop and web based
Screen Shots Demo; 

bakery software of mitz, software made by mitz, mitz bakery software, baker software for sale bakery software of mitz, software made by mitz, mitz bakery software, baker software for sale

bakery software of mitz, software made by mitz, mitz bakery software, baker software for sale  bakery software of mitz, software made by mitz, mitz bakery software, baker software for sale

 bakery software of mitz, software made by mitz, mitz bakery software, baker software for sale

C) Hospital management System

Status; ready for sale

No of Client using; 01
both desktop and web based

both desktop & web based

screen shots Demo;

Hospital Software By Mitz, Mansehra Information trechnology Zone

MITZ  Web Products  Sep 2017-July 2018

Comming Soon ;

Purpose; Software Repository on a large scale,
Almost 4000 Plus softwares will be provided for the user for direct fast downloading direct from softonyx server
website; Adress; www.softonyx.com

Development phase screen shots; softonyx comming Soon a project by mitz www.mitz.pk

a project by mitz, softonyx project sponsered by mitz


At the end of my this article i would like say thanks to my all colleagues, who are with us in this journey, who participated directly or indirectly, our most valuable clients who supported us both morally & financially.
i am wishing happy 2nd Anniversary day of mitz to all of you, and off course dont forget to come for cake & Tea 🙂 . and i wish i will write again for you on the occassion of mitz 3rd Anniversary

Kind regards
Muhammad Huzaifa
CEO & Founder of Mitz ” mansehra Information technology Zone”



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